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My Story

 My sister Crystal invited me to my first Scentsy party in April 2011.  As it was my birthday that month, she purchased me a full size warmer system with her free product rewards offered for hosting a Scentsy party.  I really liked the product the night of the party and the simple concept behind Scentsy.  I could hardly wait for my order to arrive.  The day my order arrived,  I plugged my Margot warmer in with a combination of Sugar Cookie and Vanilla Cream scent cubes, I was in LOVE!  The scent in my home was so delicious.  I contacted Tracey Tozer, who was Crystal's party consultant and joined the Scentsy team.    Joining Scentsy has given me the opportunity to provide a safe alternative to traditional wicked candles and the chance to meet new people every day.  I look forward to removing wicked candles from homes as I introduce Scentsy to PEI, Canada.  J   Thanks for stopping by, Lori<!--endbody-->